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Traditional breads

Selected flour blends for the production of traditional breads.

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Ciabatta rustica

Suitable for ciabatta, loaves of bread and Mediterranean flatbreads.

Arabo Evo

Suitable for Arabic-type white bread.


Suitable for all applications.

Tarta Avena & Mais

Suitable for bread with prolonged freshness and fragrance.


Suitable for with an amber crust and soft interior.

Soya & Soya

Suitable for breads.


Indicato per pane tipico della tradizione del Nord Europa.

Gran Puglia

Ideal for breads typical of southern Italy.

Patata più

Ideal for soft breads, pizzas and flatbreads.

Pan Rustico

Ideal for breads of all sizes.

5 Cereali

Ideal for all processing.

Saraceno più

Ideal as an accompaniment for savory dishes or as a base for sandwiches.

Pan Brioches

Ideal for pan brioches and sweet breads.

Cereali più 50%

Ideal for all processing.

Cereal Crok 50%

Ideal for crackers, crispy pizzas, snacks and breads with high grain content.

Pan di semi 50%

Ideal for baked goods with high seed concentration.


Ideal for soft breads, hamburgers, gourmet bread, American-type bread.

Gran Crek

Ideal for crackers, pizzas, snacks.

Pizza più 10%

Ideal for pizza and focaccia bases.


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