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Jams and Hydrated Creams


Fruit purees, without pieces, with the perfect texture and spreadability for filling before or after baking brioches, croissants and krapfen. They also excel for tarts because of their excellent stability in the oven. Sipral pastes, available in various flavors and formats, are a versatile solution designed specifically for industry and large laboratories.

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Passata Limone

Lemon-based puree, without chunks.

Passata Mista scura 20%

Dark mixed fruit puree without chunks.

Passata Mista rossa 20%

Red mixed fruit puree, without chunks.

Passata Albicocche 20% Forno

Apricot-based puree, without chunks.

Passata Albicocche 20%

Apricot-based puree, without chunks.


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