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Sweet Line

Our line of products for your sweet preparations.

Sweet Line

Our line of products for your sweet preparations.


The high quality premium margarines to give a unique touch to pastry.


The range of “clean label” margarines without preservatives, dyes and hydrogenated fats.

The range of extremely flexible margarines that can be processed at different temperatures and humidity.

The premium margarine range for adding value to pastries. Ultra creamy, spreadable and without hydrogenated fats.

The range of melanges with butter, no hydrogenated fats and no preservatives to create high pastry products.


The range of margarines made with certified organic ingredients. The first one produced in Italy with organic certification.

The range of margarines with cocoa butter made with raw materials free of palm oil.

Sipral chocolate is a guarantee of quality and excellence because of the choice of raw materials and the best cocoa.

Rich range of high quality chocolate substitutes, without hydrogenated fats.

Rich range of chocolate substitutes.

Decorations in milk and dark chocolate substitute sprinkles and sprinkles.

Range of soft creams for variegations and ice cream toppings.

Fluid creams for flavoring and darkening custard and cream.

Light spreadable creams for fillings.

Dark spreadable cream for filling.

Semi-finished products for the production of cakes, shortbread, sponge cake and pastry products.

The easy-to-use line of pastry creams.

Balanced selection of ingredients for the production of traditional and recurrence leavened pastries.