Balanced selection of ingredients for the production of croissants, Danish and brioches. You get finished products of excellent volume and prolonged freshness. Suitable for classic direct and indirect processing, but also for freezing and deep-freezing of ready to bake. Possible in two variants: Aroma Classico and Aroma Burro.


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Melange, non-hydrogenated vegetable fats and butter, without preservatives and colouring agents. Vegetable lightness with traditional flavour. More attention to health without sacrificing taste.

Ibisco Fondente

Sipral Ciock

Pure dark chocolate in glossy drops calibrated from 700 to 1100 per hg for covering in confectionery. Ideal for filling and garnishing leavened dough, croissants and biscuits.

Le Cremose

Sipral ciock

A rich range of concentrated, spreadable and ready-to-use long-life creams for the numerous pastry needs. Discover also the flavored creams for filling and injection, always long-life.