Alaska neutra

Neutral hot jelly, to shine cakes and fruit. When used, add 20% by weight of water to Alaska, bring to the boil until completely dissolved.


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Sipral Dolce

Balanced selection of ingredients for the production of croissants, Danish and brioches. You get finished products of excellent volume and prolonged freshness. Suitable for classic direct and indirect processing, but also for freezing and deep-freezing of ready to bake. Possible in two variants: Aroma Classico and Aroma Burro.


Sipral dolce

Semi-finished product for the production of puff pastry. It produces sheets that are easy to laminate and highly developed during cooking, suitable for the production of cannoncini, fans, bases for cakes and savoury snacks.


Sipral dolce

Balanced mixture for the production of shortcrust pastry. It allows to obtain crumbly and fragrant shortbreads for tarts, biscuits, shortbreads, bases for cakes and tartlets to stuff.